Friday, April 8, 2016

Running with Waylon

Meet Waylon

Waylon is my main man and faithful sidekick. He has moved with me 3 times, once being across the nation. He is also a fantastic running partner! However, with life being the way it is, he hasn't been getting the amount of runs in he used to. SO, since he is an integral part of my 40 days trail running road trip across the nation, where we will be trail running in at least 10 different states, we are working on getting his fitness level back up! The last few weeks we have been doing 5-6 mile trail runs and 2-4 mile road runs. He actually just finished a run and is passed out on the carpet, feet twitching as he dreams whatever doggie dreams he has. 

Waylon makes a fantastic running partner! On-leash he is great about staying either on my right or left (depending on which side of the road we are running on), not pulling on the leash, and keeping the bathroom breaks minimal. Although, in all fairness, my little angel isn't always an angel. A couple weeks ago he tried to steal taco's off the taco truck. The lady thought he was "adorable". Ya, real friggin adorable... taco thief. 

Waylon is especially a great trail running buddy. He is trained to stay within 2-6 feet from me and to follow basic sound commands. I can run him off leash as he had been trained to not approach other dogs or people. That being said, Waylon is a big black furry bit of "Everyone loves me" and occasionally "forgets" his training and says hi to people. especially when he hears the "Awwww, he's so cute!". Ya, he knows he's cute! lol And he LOVES the attention! Just to be safe I keep an electronic collar on him so that if he gets really "forgetful" and tries to approach another dog or someone who hasn't invited him over, I can give him a "reminder" which always does the trick! 

He also love trail running. It's a slower speed where he can stop and pee on every bush ( he only gets a certain number of stops road running), he gets to play in the creeks and waterfalls, and gets munch on grass and other vegetation as he goes. Turns out he also really likes icicles as one of my buddies recently found out!  

My goal is to get him up to 10-12 miles. He is almost 10 years old, so I don't want to put a lot of strain on him, but he is still a highly energetic dog who doesn't look or act 10. He will get high protein foods and treats to help him keep up on his nutrition as he builds up his running muscles again, so that he can do runs with me this summer! 
I do worry about him some as we are on our trip as he also has epilepsy. Idiopathic Epilepsy to be specific. He's had it since he was 4. I have worked closely with his vet over the years about his best treatment, and we have decided to not medicate him as he doesn't have them too often, and it seems like the more exercise he gets the less frequent they become. The medications would seriously cost him quality of life and I don't want to do that to him. 
Me and my Baby at a Baby Waterall
The best thing about running with Waylon... no pressure! There is no pressure to be fast. He doesn't care, he is so content to just be out running with me its No Big Deal! And as someone who often pressures myself when it comes to paces, it is very relaxing to me out just hitting some single tracks with my pup who really doesn't give a shit about anything but getting some miles in. Another thing is watching him love the mud! I. Hate. Being. Muddy. It's true, I adore everything about trail running. I don't mind the snakes and spiders, the climbs, the rocks, or even the occasional bleeding from falls or scratches. But I Hate Mud! Waylon however loves it enough for the both of us. It is with absolute glee that he frolics through it, which then it turn creates a mudfest in the car. I don't think he cares! 

 Waylon is my best bud and I love taking him running with me. I can't wait for our adventure this summer. I am looking into his own pack he can carry with water and treats that won't cause him to overheat so he can go on some epic runs and hikes with me. And the ones he can't, hopefully he will make new friends at a doggy day care in whichever city we end up at. So as I move in ultra-training and into my grand summer adventure, you will see a lot of Waylon. He will be my sidekick through this next adventure as he has been for all the ones before :-)

Waylon says "Happy Running!"

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