Sunday, February 28, 2016

Back on the Trails

So there is no doubt, I am a city girl. I live in the heart of the city where I hear cars and sirens day in and day out. I can walk to a large variety of restaurants and bakeries, and do fairly regularly. I also am a girly girl! I have more high heels than is even appropriate to talk about and I don't particularly like to do handy things or get my hands dirty. HOWEVER, my True True Happy Place is on the trails!

Since I have been road training since December, I have slowly but surely began to miss the trails a little bit more every week. So, now that I am on the tail end of my training and Mother Nature has been oh so kind in her weather, I am back on them once a week as my day after long run recovery run. And Waylon is pretty darn happy about it too!
Waylon loves to be out running the trails. I have trained him from the time he was a pup to stay within a certain distance and to have good running etiquette. He has running specific commands that he follows with very little prompting. (And just to be safe he also runs with an electronic collar and I keep his leash handy). Today we hit up a local park that has a nice 6 mile loop that is part of a yearly 25k/50k/50mi (Hell Hath No Hurry). I grabbed a couple of friends and we headed out. And let me tell you, it was MUDDY! And it's not a big secret among my trail running friends, even as an avid trail runner, I. Don't. Like. Mud. I am pretty sure the word "princess" has been used a few times. But today, every inch was nothing but mud. So once I got a few good "ewwwwww"'s out of my system we slogged along and had a blast. 
We briefly stopped at a cute little waterfall where Bruce introduced Waylon to a fun new treat, icicles. He didn't know what to think of them! But he enjoyed chomping on them and splashing around in the water. 

We did a total of 6 miles, which is about where Waylon is right now. I am hoping before our big trail running trip this summer that I can work him up to 10-15. If today is any indication, as long as I bring treats and he has water, then we will be good to go! I am glad to be back in my Happy Place, getting some good time with nature with great friends and my 4 legged bestie. 
Happy Running! 

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