Thursday, February 25, 2016

Rolling with the punches

Today I had a Tempo run planned, I was pretty excited for it! Then life happened. Like, really sucked happened. Ended up at the Dr's and Dr said.... "No running for the next two days". It's that moment when you feel your little runners heart drop to the floor and your brain go "nononononononono". But if I have learned anything in my years of running, it's that when the body says rest, you REST. Now I know there are Dr's who tell every runner to stop, I am fortunate that mine is not that way. He knows me and knows I am an avid runner and that I tend to just run anyways, however today I agreed to heed his advice.

So I didn't get in my tempo run. I grabbed a bottle of wine instead and headed to a good friends house where we ordered Chinese food and just caught up on life. I loved every moment of our impromptu girls night in. BUT of course there is a small part of me that wishes I had run. Especially as I sit and stare at my training calendar knowing I can't mark off this run, and knowing that my week will  my 9 miles short of what I had planned. There was even a little part of me that thought "I will just get up at 5 am and do it before work". I mean, I run in the mornings often, no biggie. But I really had to stop myself. That 9 miles, that 1 tempo run, is not going to kill my marathon time. It  is not going to undo 10 weeks of training.

So today I had to practice the hardest skill of all in our wonderful sport of running, Stopping to REST. I would rather take a couple days now, then push through and be out for weeks or even months. So today I rest, tomorrow I swim and hopefully, fingers double, triple crossed, I will see you all on Saturday for a nice long run through the city!
Happy running and please get in an extra mile for me :-)

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